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Finding yourself in court on a legal issue can be a highly personal and emotional situation to deal with. When the legal issue is a divorce and other family law matter, it can become nearly impossible to separate your feelings and objectively handle the case. However, the decisions you make in a divorce can continue to affect you and your children for years into the future, so having your case handled correctly from the start is critical. The Coral Gables matrimonial and family law attorneys at P.A. Bravo are here to look out for your interests and make sure you receive the advice and representation you need to resolve your legal matter satisfactorily now and into the future.

Help with high net worth and complex property cases

The division of property in a divorce can be a complex matter. The court in a Florida divorce has the power to divide the marital property in any way which appears to the judge to be fair. Family court judges look at a variety of factors in deciding on the distribution of marital property, including the contributions each spouse has made to the family finances and management of the household, whether one spouse contributed to the other’s education or career, and whether one spouse should keep the family home as the children’s primary residence. The judge will come to a decision based on the arguments and evidence presented by the divorcing spouses through their attorneys, so it is important to be represented by knowledgeable, experienced family law attorneys who understand the law and are able to craft and deliver forceful arguments in favor of a fair and equitable distribution of property.

This process quickly becomes complicated in cases where the couple has a high net worth. Determining an equitable property settlement is especially challenging when either or both spouses are self-employed, own a business or a share in a business, or have complex assets such as property investments, profit-sharing and employee stock ownership options, and other similar interests.

The Coral Gables divorce lawyers at P.A. Bravo are particularly adept and experienced in divorces with high net worth or complex property issues. We make sure that every asset is located, is properly identified as marital or separate property, and is accurately valued for a fair and equitable division of property.

Effective representation in the resolution of child custody disputes

When a marriage has produced children, the question of child custody is typically the most important issue to decide in the divorce. It can also be the most emotional or contentious. The judge decides who gets physical custody (parenting time/timesharing) and visitation as well as legal custody, or the right to make decisions regarding the child’s upbringing. In either case, the judge could grant sole custody or joint custody, or make a preference for one parent over the other.

While the general policy in the Florida courts is to make sure both parents have a continuing, meaningful relationship with their children, the best interests of the child is the overwhelming factor which guides the court in making a custody decision. It is crucial to have effective representation by experienced litigators in child custody disputes, especially if there are allegations of unfitness, misconduct or other factors which could restrict one parent’s rights to share in physical or legal custody.

Get Help with Your Florida Divorce or Child Custody Dispute from Experienced Miami Family Lawyers

For help in resolving a difficult divorce or other matrimonial and family law matter in Florida, contact the civil law firm of P.A. Bravo in Miami for assistance.

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